Torch Lite

I have come up with a name for a blog -Antonym.

Also I have a torch: perpective and light.

Sometimes Godlike in its capabilities.

‘Move on’ is my new mantra.

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Pentecost is soon. Move On.

Some are coming, some are leaving; always making a noise.

As the Royal procession makes it way slowly, rats run from drain covers to hide in the crisp packet leaves.

Yellow sun. Blinding. To the corners of the earth.

Where even the meekest black cat hides in the shadows no more.

Transformer attack! No defence! Bright light beckons. Education!

More people coming or going. It’s the train Kevin Scam Michael Crowd.


Shouting mouse dog’s dinner

pundits talkshow mirror backwards

tiny voices building site tractors

overshadowed by the dark office buildings

little boy walking his dog reality shows up again.


Shadow. Station sign. 12 noon. 12:31 exactly. Blame soon. Innocent stares. Pyramid scams. Payout. Shadows and gloom, pints. 

Rune stones.



Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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