We Will All Have Bones

Cats-Jewellery Makes a cake
of flowers and meandering paths
iced with love and plenty of slices.
Wellington boots make a growl
while cows moo outside, cup of tea
dinner at six, go to your room play
or read until then or come down and join us
in the living room where records will play.
Into wait, it’s CLAIT and nobody knows what they will do
when they finally leave school. Go to college or go to the moon.
and with cows planet oxygenise fields of clover purple skies to come.
Inside seeds grow restless in plastic cups. Make your time now little bird.
Make them grow. Mellow yellow stare at the fire like it was your soul.
And imagine it burning gold as the doves take off wearing cufflinks of love.
Just now you will see little boy down the road has turned blue. Kitchen towel laid over his face before the council comes to take him away. Daisy’s will grows one day on his grave.
Rush, rush to catch the last bus home. In the future, we will all have bones. In the future, we will all have bones.
And scones and macaroons!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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