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Here is a picture!

Listening to the Boss who is ‘Taking Care of Our Own’ and can’t help but be soothed and uplifted by the mellow rock rhythms coming from my 2.1 Speakers and Woofer. It’s like a little bit of America has touched down in my living room with burgers cola and fries! In a good way. I mean I wouldn’t trust most people not to make a mess which someone would have to clear up. Me, precious. Ha hA Evil laugh Now I have ensnared you I can make you a prisoner of my will and subject you to anyhting my heart desires. Pornography, Snuff Films, Carry On Flicks, Wong Kar Wai, All that shit! And then we can eat takeaway! Do you know who Kathy Bates Is? She is a bat compared to me Sith Dragon Nargull BEAST! My wings will flap you into oblivion, on my second pass I will burn you to a cinder, then on my third I will drop an almighty shit on your heads scum! Ha.Ha,Ha! Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,hA!


Sorry, got zoned out there on the Cola fumes a bit! The Boss is now talking about  the blackness of his grief and how was left alone to die! Cheery. I cannot see a new CBBC series coming out of this. Maybe an opera. They are always tragic. or Comic. If you don’t know me you won’t know that comedy is a source of much comfort , was it has been. See south. Southern Comfort.! See! I get pleasure from pointing out the funny and sometimes absurd truths of situations and comedies in particular. One scene from Groundhog Day Sticks in my memory. It’s the one from when Bill takes a coffee to Mike the cameraman and begins asking him about his career aspirations. Insert clucking hen here. Or a dogging dinosaur for laughs. I am no technical guru but I have held a camcorder and know what it’s like. And Mikes is like seventeen times bigger! Bill should be lucky he didn’t get knocked out as Mike swung around. not that a pro would do that of course, but maybe I am nargled.


I have never read HP but have read some fan fiction of it. I once held a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in Latin but couldn’t get past ‘Est’ or ‘Fidi’ which was unfortunate as I actually had time to read then.

So TB  has been widely ridiculed and maligned in the Suctliffe Report or whatever (I like that reference to the Yorkshire Ripper;))

He being a barrister will know the ins and outs of the legalities of this consequence long before such a report was published and as hanging is now illegal he hasn’t got a lot to worry about.

Mr Outside is being maligned by Sir Bruce on the music player currently. Makes me think how lucky I am to have friends. And family. And dogs (but  I don’t expect you to be fluent in dog) And there are some cats in the extended family so all hope is not lost!


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