He sharpened his knife which was already razor sharp before making the first incision. A bead of blood formed on the blades edge, colouring it crimson red. Ella exhaled and blew smoke.

‘Can’t this hurry?’ she demanded.

The torturer grimaced. His was not a trade to be hurried.

‘Silence bitch.’,’Do not disturb this process again’ He said quietly turning the scalpel over in his hand showing his teeth in a macabre smile.

‘We are just getting to know each other. Aren’t we pretty?’

A whimper came from beyond a taped up mouth. Eyes bulged from their sockets and the man wearing a white dinner jacket produced another implement from the canvas case on his table and again twirled it in front of his helpless victim.

‘This time, I won’t be so gentle’ said the man and with a quick thrust of his hand shoved the shiv into his victims chest. His victim leapt up as far as the bonds holding her to the heavy industrial chair would allow.

Leaving the shiv protruding from the body  the torturer turned towards the source of the smoke now layering the room and said ‘Do you like to watch?’

Without turning her head, the smoker said loudly and clearly’ No,’  On the television the huge ears of Dumbo The Elephant were transporting Dumbo and friends to a faraway happy destination.

‘This won’t take long anyhow’ said the torturer before shiving the victim six times again in quick succession in the chest.

‘Some people have no life FORCE’ he said emphasising the last word. He then produced a lighter from his pocket  and proceeded in lighting a blow torch which he then held right in front of his victims face.

The victim in the chair followed this movement with her head, her nostrils snotty and foaming and flaring wildly as the torturer brought the naked flame of the blowtorch closer.

‘Say, have you a spare cigarette? I’ve run out’ asked the torturer. The smoker walked over and handed him a slim cigarette before taking in the scene before her and wrinkling her nose in disgust at what she saw before turning away and walking back towards the television, her heels cracking the lino on the cheap floor covering.

He put the cigarette in his mouth and moved the blowtorch towards the end of his cigarette.


He inhaled and blew the smoke into the face of the woman in the chair and said

‘Hi pretty. I’m Rupert and I’ll be your torturer today. Your lungs are bleeding into themselves and within two hours will have filled up with blood drowning you in the process. Your life is over, finito, there is no way back’

He watched the expression on his victims face as fear, panic and then realisation set in.

He held the blowtorch in one hand and let it linger a foot away from the hand of the victim that quickly burned and blistered. The eyes in their sockets turned upwards in their sockets before rolling down like pins.

He put down the blowtorch and then he produced a small bag of mints from his pocket and ripped off the tape covering his victims mouth.




Well, I am going to do something unusual and put an interruption into the text while I ponder. Where should I go with this? Are there good reasons for the torture for example reasons of International Security or saving the planet from a fate worst than global Terror, Godzilla for example, Is it a famial dispute being settled over shivs and chopsticks (not yet introduced) or is it a crime syndicate wreaking revenge upon a rival gang for breaking the code that binds their depraved world. Should a superhero save the day or should someone shout ‘Shiv Patronus’ I have always wanted to do something HP but alas haven’t read the books yet so would probably do a poor job at it. Plus, there are more options like…

Marvel, Judge Dredd, Manga & Anime. I know something for certain. I feel attached to the text so far so if you decide to write something then please do not transgress the boundaries I have set. The rule is basically, ‘write, just write you sick puppy, write’

So I hope I have whetted your appetite. Might turn into a website this idea. Unless someone pinches it first.

Bye. A



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