Here is a bit of a personal blog. At the weekend I went on a course. It was residential. The rooms were small but well formed! There was a bath but no hot water for it. The days were long and the work was stuff i had done before and some new stuff. There were 9 of us taking the course ‘coping with stress’ and one tutor and one amanuensis present. When we had all got to know each other and towards the end of the course I was asked to describe myself. i said i was a middle aged male. Everybody else said they were sensitive or quirky or used adjectives about their emotional selves. Perhaps I am different!. Perhaps i was reframing the questions! But the truth of it is I was stressed about something . My breathing was shallow and fast. I was sat their with tensed shoulders and legs. It was horrible so I reframed the question and gave the physical as my answer, not the person. I wonder if i will be marked down for that! Why was I stressed? I don’t know why. But I expect its because I am terminally single and have no-one to darn my socks or mend my soul.

Take me out!

The course raced by and soon it was Sunday afternoon and time to go. I went feeling oddly like I had missed out on something but glad I had escaped with my soul. I never liked classrooms.

Now it is Wednesday and time has raced by even more quickly to this point in time. I don’t know how to put on the brakes. I forgot to mention something. We did some drawing with pastels on the course and I got to see everyone elses work! It was brilliant! It was like DeviantArt but in real life! The tutor helped me with my drawing. We only had 30 minutes so i didnt finish mine but some people did. For me the drawing part was the highlight of the course. I resolved to do something about it so when i got home I rang up my local college and made enquiries about adult courses in art and BRILLIANT news! There is one that deals with animation , digital art, photography drawing etc that sounds really interesting beginning in September with enrollment in August!

So now I have something to look forward to and some free mind time to apply to the other problems in my life like how to get a free foot-rub. The only was is up baby!

Its also the elections soon YAWN! Now I do not know where to begin. I’d like to know more about the countries finances war debts, debts etc YAWN! Immigration YAWN! The NHS etc. Where are the CV’s of the candidates in the ward in which i live? Nowhere to be seen. I may as well play Pin The Tail On The Fuckin’ Donkey wearing a blindfold and hope I get lucky. Sorry country if it goes wrong! Fucking Politics.

If only art could solve the worlds problems, we would all stand a chance.

Join me in a toast to all the kids in the world who like me enjoy making art for themselves and others to enjoy. The politicians can take care of themselves! Cheers! Hip-Hip! Hip-hip!




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