Seeing you as if for the first time

It’s scary seeing you as if for the first time. Everything looms large – larger than life. And I shrink. In my eyes, you are sixteen feet tall and I now armed with an adequate tech feel like an amoeba about to get bleached. There have been cartoons made on this subject. And it’s notContinue reading “Seeing you as if for the first time”


__________Aaarrreeehhhgg. Aaaeeeegrgrgrgrg AAeeerrggg Ah, the waiter is coming! What are you having? I’ll have the Dover sole with potatoes and peas. And iLL HAVE THE BASS with rice and vegetables And a glass of white wine. A large glass of wine, house wine. Dinner will be around 10 minutes. IS THAT YOUR PICTURE Yes itsContinue reading “_____________”

Chick Lit – How To Write It -Poems/Sketches

Chick lit A Nice opening, A good passage, Open and enter into the world of feeling context and meaning, literary writing, allusions, references, textures and meaning. Did I say meaning already? Well, are you the type for searches for meaning or is it all nothing to you? The hero, the chisel-jawed type perhaps, or theContinue reading “Chick Lit – How To Write It -Poems/Sketches”

Juxtapose this…

The only person I have felt something deep for in my adult life was seen a part of the ‘problem’, not the ‘cure’.The same person made me feel loved. The same person made me feel wanted, and amongst other things, useful, intelligent, creative, friendly. But you wouldn’t take him home to meet your mother (althoughContinue reading “Juxtapose this…”


This is something I wrote this morning listening to Chuck Berry and feeling something familiar.—————————————————- Something is in the air I can sense it comin’ And I was sitting here peacefully doing nothin’ when I felt something hoverin’ over me like a bir’ and then I felt my hands tighten up on me and thenContinue reading “Mousetrap”