Saturday Thoughts

Why do I always…moan… end up in mental opposition of my parents and relatives… feel crap small worthless and alone… unable to meet even my most base functions… Listening to music I haven’t listened to in years… Feeling like I am worthless… Feeling like it’s my fault… Feeling hopeless… undermined… ignored… unwanted… end up talkingContinue reading “Saturday Thoughts”

Word Jokes

Robert the Construction Engineer replies in the affirmative regarding himself and his teams’ ability to undertake and complete the work described to a satisfactory standard. MRSA Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus I once wrote a poem and stored it in my mind about the day I became a fuddy-duddy scientist. I would recite this poem to myContinue reading “Word Jokes”

When I Get That Feeling…Barry White

Quiet internal rising panic, an impending feeling of doom, nervousness, a blank mind, a guilty conscience, feelings of inferiority, feelings of worthlessness and a tendency to concentrate on the negative are currently haunting the country house that is my mind. And the cause of these feelings. Bad relationships, misunderstandings, failures, too much disappointment, not enoughContinue reading “When I Get That Feeling…Barry White”