In My Dreams You Will Change

It’s almost eleven and I am starving for Chinese food but the coffers cannot afford it so I will eat Melba Toast instead even though it’s vile for more than P Or flavour. Get colours back again Green, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, smellow all over polka-dots. It’s a labour of love for me. I usedContinue reading “In My Dreams You Will Change”

Big Red Race Car

Vrummmmmmm, Vrummmmm Mirror, signal,  manoeuvre How am I doing? Anything coming? HOW AM I DOING? I’ve got a big rad race car It’s made up of parts of me Really I’m a machined pice of engineernig of glistening pieces , of glistening pieces. oiled and lubed up the eyballs blue, eyeballs blue. HOW AM IContinue reading “Big Red Race Car”

Are We All Born Blind?

If we can see then is twenty/twenty vision all the way when we are born and virgin seekers, do we see the world in a different way? The focus shifts inwards as we are let down and disappointed in reality ironically the truth is that we look further out for the things we need closest to homeContinue reading “Are We All Born Blind?”

Something Else Hard

There are some things that are harder to write about than others. Emotions are complicated and transparent and reflect light drawing you off down alleyways that although they may be full of words do not result in the subject what you had intended to write about. Suicide is one of those things that conjures upContinue reading “Something Else Hard”

David Dewar

David Dewar, I wish I knew yer I am sitting at home all alone in front of my computer Oh, David Dewar, I wish I knew yer. You could read my palms for me, then you could read me the psalms in correct order David Dewar, I wish I knew ya City are playing and myContinue reading “David Dewar”

Men At Work

Words suddenly seem weaker than me, I need am image to be reckoned with I tried to draw a fist of defiance but ended up with something that looked nothing like a fist. In fact, it did not look like anything except maybe a foot. Perhaps I should just stick with the words. I hate this,Continue reading “Men At Work”

The Man Who Always Gets What He Came For

The weather was cold and damp but that did not deter James Gerald from getting what he came for this late September evening. On the lawn, a party was happening and a barbecue was broiling pigs heads and other delicacies. From where he was standing A piece of coral was visible on the inside windowContinue reading “The Man Who Always Gets What He Came For”