The Man Who Couldn’t Write.

The man with gold lead in his pencil couldn’t write! He tried a gold paperweight on his desk but still the words would not come. A gold-tin he purchased containing gems and jewels and scattered them did all around his desk in the hope of inspiring him with beauty. Nothing came. A name, a game, insane.Continue reading “The Man Who Couldn’t Write.”

When the Words Stop Flowing

The end will come one day for me and for all writers. It will indicate that something has changed. And in the minds of those faithful readers, the world over life will never be the same without that nightly journey to the stars. Don’t bother writing your own eulogy. The fans will fill the voidContinue reading “When the Words Stop Flowing”

Greebo and Toad LeStrange

‘What a strange place to begin writing about your life,’ said Toad ‘The Pond?’ said Greebo ‘Yes Greebo, The pond. It’s hardly the place to start writing about one’s life. It’s not where we started. It’s where we end up! Figuratively speaking you understand’ replied toad ‘I began life in a hole in a ground…There was nobodyContinue reading “Greebo and Toad LeStrange”


Please.You have to admit its worth seven for effort alone (See previous piece of writing). All those nights sat down with a virgin writing mind staring at the screen with memories of all those famous authors running through my mind of their books stories challenges overcome halting starts small successes then eventual world domination! AndContinue reading “Terrible”

Time Marches On

Faster. Leaner. Meaner. Time is a machine. A Steampunk invention from the golden age of engineering modernised with unwearable bearings, USB 3, and purified water. Steam pressure is normal the dials indicate no need for concern despite the wind whistling and rushing past the windows at haste. There is no need for a tender asContinue reading “Time Marches On”

A Modern Way Of Living.Sketch.

The roar as the bus goes by too close and you realise things just got a little loose. It’s ten am and your lying in your bed and you hear the roar outside and see someone else waver on the edge of disaster. Nothing serious but one time… Perhaps toast and butter and blackberry jam with a cup ofContinue reading “A Modern Way Of Living.Sketch.”