Love – Instalment 1

I would like to Write About Love just like in the Belle & Sebastian song but its like a dog chasing its own tail The end is both the end and beginning and vice-versa, if you see what I mean. Seeing yourself in the action of being in love is not that exciting unless youContinue reading “Love – Instalment 1”

I will be with you

I will be with you I will be with you, you are the sunshine that brings me out of my curmudgeonly self. Angels possess less grace than thou. Distance has us at a disadvantage except for the times when  these two prisons of flesh share stolen glances and bare conversations that in hindsight were flirtatious and complimentary. IContinue reading “I will be with you”

Yesterday, The Snow Was A Different Colour

Yesterday, the snow was a different shade of white, Yesterday, inscrutable right belied itself in a true day of night, Yesterday, black was everyshade. Rolling and swirling together, Yesterday, the trees and the leaves stood slightly more sentient  while quiet sounds gave away nothing. Yesterday, Its true that my cares were both far away and present, Yesterday came true. Now its behindContinue reading “Yesterday, The Snow Was A Different Colour”

I Saw

I saw you as like the bark on a stout tree, dark and hard, protecting and essential for the life of the tree. The sun was present somewhere behind the cloud so it was bright cloud that I saw to the left side of the tree hugging branches and the edges of a squirrel thatContinue reading “I Saw”