Rockfall/Critical Mass

Imagine a Rockfall in your garden with dirt, pebbles, centipede, cat dirt etc There is a critical mass at which point the sides collapse and sheets of dirt, pebble, cat mess etc slide down the valley edges towards the bottom. The valley becomes wider and shallower. See diagram above. Imagine that you are a rockContinue reading “Rockfall/Critical Mass”

Bucket List

Bucket List, bucket list cough it up. What should i do next? Why is reaching your dreams so bittersweet? Why does the milkshake empty before I am finished? Why is the bullet train on a new platform? Why do i have to wait with other people? Can’t i be home alone and with my words?Continue reading “Bucket List”


Why is it that some people seem to have a line direct to your guilt centre, whose words do not contain logic but some undeniable universal truth grain, no matter how far fetched. Just imagine if these people had power and the reigns of justice and then discovered a  will of revenge. Wouldn’t we allContinue reading “Conscience”

Swoosh, Swoosh To My Ready Room Stat Make It So Interesting Illogical Impulse Speed Commander

Swoosh. The door closes behind him. Madrake is now in the ready room with Commander Green. ‘…see the counsellor.’ Mandrake stuck out his bottom lip and gazed at his shoes. ‘Will you see the counsellor, Mandrake? Make It So’ A Pause. ‘ Interesting. Dunno’ Another pause. Then gently, coaxingly ‘Will you talk to the counsellorContinue reading “Swoosh, Swoosh To My Ready Room Stat Make It So Interesting Illogical Impulse Speed Commander”

His Presence…

I felt and felt and have forgot, forgot. Only a bare tremble remains in my hand, a balance out of footing. —————————————————————- Living basalt ballast veined with my blood and a ship built with my rivets A splash displaced of rainbows splendour o’er clouds and rainy days. A hoard of plenty, golden swans congregating o’er cool water and urban diasContinue reading “His Presence…”

More horror…

Hello again reader! Well its time i started thinking about boosting traffic to my blog. SEO, Email lists, Plugins etc. Well I am not that technical but perhaps…evil Muha ha ha! —————– There was once a girl who was top of her class and popular, not only with her schoolmates and teachers and parents andContinue reading “More horror…”