Runs (again)

Here is another Runs piece of writing with some rhymes thrown in it. ————————————————————————————————– Runs from one place to another without moving. Runs forward and backward without moving. Runs up your back without moving runs with your legs. There is a place where reflections catch the light in the glass mirror surface of the pool, WhereContinue reading “Runs (again)”

How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 2

Don’t know much about writing but tried these exercises today. A cruise ship gets caught in a storm, veers off course, and then sinks far from the mainland, but many of the passengers survive and make it to a deserted island. literary fiction In an illicit gay relationship with his deck officer and embattled politicallyContinue reading “How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 2”

The way (of the eternal optimist).

CAPS Lock, NUMBER Lock. Lockdown. Freaky shit down here. Prison gates have nothing on this. Slide Smash, slide smash. We are in lockdown!! It was another late start for me today, 1.14pm. Still wearing pyjamas. Ate Shepherds Pie. Put on music. Set up mini laptop (netbook) and set about trying to write something original (again).Continue reading “The way (of the eternal optimist).”


Hi. I am feeling tired, enervated, shattered, done in. Its Friday and the end of the working week. If worked then I would likely feel happy about it. As it is I just feel tired, enervated, shattered, done in. I think I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I read someones account of it on their blogContinue reading “Awake…Barely”

Tadpole, Caterpillar, Baby

Moving this way with a wiggle of your tail. All head and mouth. Speckled like a fish. Now you have a thicker tail. Now you have legs, now you are you are a frog.It’s a miracle! The way you move is hypnotising. Like a little movie. you curl, you undulate, you stand on yourContinue reading “Tadpole, Caterpillar, Baby”