Back To Normal

Whatever the fuck counts as normal. Crap music on the stereo. I am surrounded by YA authors. It is a truism that there is no shortage of talent in the world. But paradoxically there is also good will and a willingness to learn and to share. I’m sure that this breaks a law of economics somewhere along the line. The one to do with scarcity. But Its, not the monetary cost that seems to be my problem. It’s writing the damn novel. I have been toying with the idea of collecting some on my hundreds or so writings and compiling a Kindle Book or taking them to agents or publishers? I have done all that the guides say and have a copy of the Artists And Writers Yearbook. See? I do pay attention. But I really just keep making excuses not to do it. or Manyana. Tomorrow. I’ll do it Manyana.

I have to get to the doctors about my medication soon. Before Christmas or else I will run out of tablets. This is not writing related so you can tune out if you like. blah blah blah weight gain microwave meals blah nutrition yes blah diet blood pressure blah blood test blah hypertension blah blah calories blah five a day blah 4 units of alcohol blah biscuits blah church walk, blah activities blah exercise machine blah. scales blah side effects blah….

Back! And refreshed. My writing has taken an upwards velocity recently with more and more likes coming my way in appreciation. Kudos to me. I am still pretty prolific, but soon I will overheat and need a barrel changing out. I can feel it. Paris beckons. Nice beckons, Bed beckons. Bills need paying blah water bill blah two hundred quid blah good order blah, microwave meals, blah, blah, washing up blah not done, blah, beer bored, blah, spirits bored sell out blah blah

Back! Typing with feet up. blah, like a wandering star blah bored blah in pyjamas blah need to change boxers blah blah.disgusting blah carpet needs hoovering blah room needs dusting blah, scabs in my nose blah..freezing cold blah freezing cold blah blah blah.

I wish depressing was funny blah tragic is comic blah, so like me buy me eat me blah

reaching the bottom of the barrel blah suicide is painless blah never worth it blah blah dance music blah grunge blah suits me blah. CHRISTMAS blah. family blah. torture blah, not alone. blah unreal blah rather play computer games blah. Unreal Tournament blah blah blah.

Happy Blah to you all good people.