Eminem’s Mother

Inner city slick tyres with perfect grip no chance of a slip I play with real chips! It’s not my turn to shine I had it all back in 1999 when the internet was gold So I am told I had it all. But not content with just a new pepper pot In with theContinue reading “Eminem’s Mother”



Please.You have to admit its worth seven for effort alone (See previous piece of writing). All those nights sat down with a virgin writing mind staring at the screen with memories of all those famous authors running through my mind of their books stories challenges overcome halting starts small successes then eventual world domination! AndContinue reading “Terrible”

A Writers Tale

Glued to the spot. My hands already finding the keys, the story not formed in my conscious mind, I swallow my pride and type. Immediately I have a thought. A bit to the left it goes. Huh? A bit to the left of what? The left-hand side of the keyboard? Where are the Q,A,Z? It’sContinue reading “A Writers Tale”

In My Dreams You Will Change

It’s almost eleven and I am starving for Chinese food but the coffers cannot afford it so I will eat Melba Toast instead even though it’s vile for more than P Or flavour. Get colours back again Green, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, smellow all over polka-dots. It’s a labour of love for me. I usedContinue reading “In My Dreams You Will Change”

Are We All Born Blind?

If we can see then is twenty/twenty vision all the way when we are born and virgin seekers, do we see the world in a different way? The focus shifts inwards as we are let down and disappointed in reality ironically the truth is that we look further out for the things we need closest to homeContinue reading “Are We All Born Blind?”