Futuristic Ice Cream Novel

Lollypop lady gives out lollipops to children of dinosaurs and illegal immigrants. Rally here, rally here bring your cameras and smart phones. Please do not SWEAR or smoke. (There are children about) Moonlight optional, Hi- vis accepted, BBC outside broadcast. blip.    

5 am

It’s 5 am and the Ice Truckers are on the Ice road carrying oversized tyres. A pedipalp of emotions runs through your cerebrum. Tyres? Ice? Danger? DANGER? I’d rather Starbucks Hot Chocolate thank you. It’s seven am and there is a familiar certainty to the state of the world and the flow. of humanity. ofContinue reading “5 am”


Park The Ride,Get Inside,Interview Time

Everything is humming and moving in time People getting busy and moving in time Watchers getting lossy and losing their stride Peacocks are strutting and moving in time Antlers are ruttingĀ and shoving aside Children are walking having a time. Clouds are gathering and glowering ahead The workers are not getting out of bed The antsContinue reading “Park The Ride,Get Inside,Interview Time”