The Big Time

Clear Head. Begin. It was a drowsy morning thought Drew watching the crane on the horizon go back and forth back and forth. He took a break for a buttered bun and a cup of coffee at 11:00. A break from lying in bed. Now he was sitting at his computer looking at his DandyContinue reading “The Big Time”

Cherry Stone

Like pebbles on a beach kicked around displaced by feet this song is not my own I’m about to get done for copyright Sorry Paul Weller I didn’t mean to fella for your world and mine to collide over a choice of words. Cherry stone pips, spit like bricks onto upturned hubcap, circa 1983 chrome cigaretteContinue reading “Cherry Stone”

Cake Lady

Cake lady, I know what it is you seek Ingredients to make and then bake your cake I know cause I have seen you and your kind On TV and down at the supermarket. Where shawl covering your shopping arm You take down the usual suspects quietly without a little charm, Strong flour, raisins, butter,Continue reading “Cake Lady”

And Then Came..Watersports

Weezer.Weezer.Weezer.Weezer. I party by myself ’cause I’m such a special guy… I just wanted to share a story of all the hot single girls out there, some of who come by my blog, Well, I read your blog sometimes It’s like having access to your diary!!! I would never read that!! You publish these thingsContinue reading “And Then Came..Watersports”

Studio Ghibli/Tartan Films

Feeling like I do I will never be able to write. My thoughts are like sausages. Tormenting people sound like fun. Unnecessary violence is (FUN) unnecessary. Today is my two year anniversary on WordPress.Com. So are you going to like this or what? Don’t worry this is a glitch…glitch..glitch. My Neighbour… is a missing person! CutContinue reading “Studio Ghibli/Tartan Films”

The Problem With Good Books

In case, you were wonderin’ this is not a blog on what Good books there are out there, rather a blog on what constitutes a good book. It’s a working title. The problem is that you can spend six pounds upwards on a book and it might turn out to be a real out ofContinue reading “The Problem With Good Books”