Listening To Weezer

Who are they? The upstarts, the stubborn, the persistent, the aloof, the detrimental Where do they live? Around here, in your house, your next door neighbour, your partner, your dog What about you? The underdog, the unwanted, the forgotten, the forsaken, the problem? What’s in the future? A new job, a new house, a family,Continue reading “Listening To Weezer”

Weezer (The White Album)

At long fucking last! A new Weezer album. Here is a pretty picture. Full track list follows: 1. “California Kids” Rivers Cuomo, Dan Wilson 3:25 2. “Wind in Our Sail” Cuomo, Kenneth Scott Chesak, Ryan Spraker 2:53 3. “Thank God for Girls“ Cuomo, Alex Goose, Michael Balzer, Alex Balzer, Bill Petti 3:30 4. “(Girl WeContinue reading “Weezer (The White Album)”

In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room listening to the gloom It’s all so interesting to me   OI’m going into town to see what’s going down In the store and on the street Someone to┬ásee   OI’m not meeting anyone this way seems so lame Everyone seems so tame In town.   OI’m not hungry forContinue reading “In My Room”

You Are Not Deficient

You are not deficient. You may not believe this fact. You may not know it. When you brush your teeth you might feel it. It works both ways. Good and bad, right and wrong. In the words of Weezer ‘Its automatic when you know/feel it’ Like a machine. like a living thing. Liminal not actual.Continue reading “You Are Not Deficient”