Listening To Weezer

Who are they?

The upstarts, the stubborn, the persistent, the aloof, the detrimental

Where do they live?

Around here, in your house, your next door neighbour, your partner, your dog

What about you?

The underdog, the unwanted, the forgotten, the forsaken, the problem?

What’s in the future?

A new job, a new house, a family, European Trips, Transatlantic Trips

Nothing, doing nothing, beer, crisps, online dating, porno sites, cheese

God, Getting one step closer to heaven, Jesus and me, my funeral.

What can you do about it?

Nothing, Update my CV, Get a girlfriend, Shower and wash crotch,


(not really!)




Weezer (The White Album)

At long fucking last! A new Weezer album.

Here is a pretty picture.

Full track list follows:

1. “California Kids” Rivers Cuomo, Dan Wilson 3:25
2. “Wind in Our Sail” Cuomo, Kenneth Scott Chesak, Ryan Spraker 2:53
3. Thank God for Girls Cuomo, Alex Goose, Michael Balzer, Alex Balzer, Bill Petti 3:30
4. “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” Cuomo 3:25
5. Do You Wanna Get High? Cuomo 3:27
6. King of the World Cuomo, Jarrad Kritzstein 3:24
7. “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” Cuomo 3:25
8. “L.A. Girlz” Cuomo, Brian Bell, Luther Russell 3:29
9. “Jacked Up” Cuomo, Jonathan Coffer, Hugh Pescod 2:53
10. “Endless Bummer” Cuomo, Bell, Russell 4:14
11. “Prom Night (Japanese Bonus Track)” 3:34

Yes, I copied it from Wikipedia!


I’m a trouble maker…

In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room

listening to the gloom

It’s all so interesting

to me


OI’m going into town

to see what’s going down

In the store and on the street

Someone to see


OI’m not meeting anyone

this way seems so lame

Everyone seems so tame

In town.


OI’m not hungry for your

Thai but I’d share a coke

Bet your wonderin’ why

I’m single.


OI’m not in work anymore

I’m on long terms sick

On accounts of my head

not tick


OI’m not from round here

either. Come in closer

let me show you a map

of my home.


OI’m a steady sort of guy

I like DVD’s and Music too

Like Nerf Herder and



OI’m doing nothing now

Do you want to come home

with me and chill



That’d be cool

You Are Not Deficient

You are not deficient. You may not believe this fact. You may not know it. When you brush your teeth you might feel it. It works both ways. Good and bad, right and wrong. In the words of Weezer ‘Its automatic when you know/feel it’ Like a machine. like a living thing. Liminal not actual. On the cusp of…something. Greatness maybe. ‘I can’t control my brain’ is another Weezer lyric. And if you are trying to then maybe you can’t relax. And this can be remedied by relaxing. If it’s so simple then why doesn’t everyone do it? What? Relax? Yes. We are a long way from living a hunter-gatherer┬ásociety although some aspects remain. Hunter-gatherer behavior. ‘You can choose to go your way, if you want’ Another Weezer lyric. ‘This is the dawning of a brave new world’ Maybe. ‘There is so much out there, if only we open our eyes and see’ Guess who sung that?