Morpork and Mindy

If you have read any of the tales of The Watch by the sadly deceased Terry Pratchett you will be familiar with Ankh-Morpork, the fictional state, on Discworld in which the tales unfold. If you, like  me, grew up during the nineteen seventies and eighties you will also be familiar with Mork and Mindy, a sitcomContinue reading “Morpork and Mindy”


Rhea Perlman – I Loved You A LOT!

Hi, ya people. I have typed this note in a sincere attempt to gain the attention of Mrs Rhea Perlman, writer and actress (Cheers!,Otto Undercover)  of whom I was a huge fan. Still Am. I’m 42 years old and still chasing  women in Hollywood… I know. I am right. Hey I’m A Fan! Dear Rhea, BeContinue reading “Rhea Perlman – I Loved You A LOT!”