You Do Not Believe Me

When I say I want to. I might as well suck on a lemon. When I say I will. I might as well be in the Lebanon. When I say please, I might as well stick pins in your eyes. When I say thank you, Pull the feet off your legs and feed them to you.Continue reading “You Do Not Believe Me”


The Man Who Couldn’t Write.

The man with gold lead in his pencil couldn’t write! He tried a gold paperweight on his desk but still the words would not come. A gold-tin he purchased containing gems and jewels and scattered them did all around his desk in the hope of inspiring him with beauty. Nothing came. A name, a game, insane.Continue reading “The Man Who Couldn’t Write.”

Laugh Like a Brook (and other things I have stolen)

Some lines are best read with an accompanying tune to shed light on meaning tone and impact. Thus, I want the whole of my life to be accompanied by choral symphonies, big beats and dope tunes. And people talk of deprivation. Well, I guess there is true laughing like a brook when accompanied by oneContinue reading “Laugh Like a Brook (and other things I have stolen)”