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In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room

listening to the gloom

It’s all so interesting

to me


OI’m going into town

to see what’s going down

In the store and on the street

Someone to see


OI’m not meeting anyone

this way seems so lame

Everyone seems so tame

In town.


OI’m not hungry for your

Thai but I’d share a coke

Bet your wonderin’ why

I’m single.


OI’m not in work anymore

I’m on long terms sick

On accounts of my head

not tick


OI’m not from round here

either. Come in closer

let me show you a map

of my home.


OI’m a steady sort of guy

I like DVD’s and Music too

Like Nerf Herder and



OI’m doing nothing now

Do you want to come home

with me and chill



That’d be cool

Banana Beer

Glasses filled with sweets

Sets the scene

I catch myself in mid-tackle

going to the ground

senses felt not heard

a tickle in the stomach

and now I’m as big as mars.

Strange alchemy over beer

spirits sublime and entwined

In a pub on the high street

of your town. Make way for

the dancers, your hand, please!

Night beat toms a go-go and London

is another town in another part of the world.

Not in competition, not in harmony. Memory

exactly in daylight and strobes I know

where to go. I’m not a genius -yet.

Arguments unseen or thoughts over

and out, we separate, never mix to come

together, I cry for the now losing it in bumps.

A steady stream over human pebbles…

ignites a passion for live music and disco lights.

The flow here is turbulent and laminar currents

swim around the place like mice looking for land.

I am out of time suddenly looking at the band.

Then I am home ‘gain and it’s another new day.