What cannot be explained is why we feel sympathy for the devil. What cannot be tolerated is passivity when action needs to be taken. What cannot be is unfortunately what often would benefit us most?

So how can we continue to be under these circumstances if generally speaking we are lost causes. Is adversity a friend or just an acquaintance like someone we talk to at a party but then never see again? Or will we grown old together retire to some cottage with a length of rope and sunken glass eyes as we contemplate the extreme emptiness of the universe and the insignificance of human existence in it? What else except dreams, competence, faith, manners and graces bind us together?

What would make you a better person? Yourself? God? other people? What is it about what you do that makes you unique special or valued? Isn’t this and other things that we at times take for granted what makes us who we are and thus how we act and our behaviour?

The Potters Wheel

How many hands did it take to make me? How many gifts thoughts prayers and voices? Was the clay wet enough or dried hard, were my faults made in the clay or in the kiln? Is my glaze shiny and smooth or blistered and cracked? Am I a useful pot or a storage pot? Am I large or small, ceremonial or every day? Art or Arts and Crafts?

The Artists Palette

What colours do we have to work with here? The rainbow or the earth colours? Blues and greens, oranges and yellows, reds, purples magentas? Is the paint hardened off or wet and fresh? Does the artist see all colours or does he stick with what he knows works?

The Woodturners Lathe

A raw chunk of wood, a base, a plinth, carved and turned by steely hands tools in themselves to made something hard and heavy that could knock someone out. Or varnish something natural so it may adorn and enhance a surrounding. Are you spotting a pattern here? Where is the wood we crave? Nowhere to be found.

The Bricklayers Hod

Carry as many stones up to the top so that the layer may build in uniform pieces what we wish to behold – A Wall. Hard and unyeilding. Protecting and reassuring. Behind it we may build our own lives from the pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle we inherit or find or make for ourselves.



Ice in my veins, Ice In my room

It seems I can’t escape its icy gloom.

Ices reach is legendary even reaching me in my sleep

Then sticking me to bed like so much frozen fish 

It waits for me to relax then takes haste upon me

Fixing me with its white stare.


It’s probably out there now hiding behind a bush, a cloud or even a snowflake

Which is all the cold I care for. Ice isn’t nice at all. With ice inside it soon renders immobile that which can make us virile and passionate, free of heart and reckless. In short it ruins everything good.

That said there are times when my temper has been boiling when the ice is rising that icicles come out of my ears and all activity freezes but a solution comes to me when everything else is Frozen.

This is when I miss a womans touch or voice.


Melt me heavenly being, melt me and keep me there if you know how.




Ice has crept up when we were feeling scared and took a hold. Ice comes at you when you want to be bold. Ice flows retract from heat. Ice flows know no beat. Ice isn’t hard to beat.

ice demands more thought. I will continue…maybe soon e.g. tomorrow or maybe later.

Tied Down 2

I am listening to Cheryl Crow wishing I had listened and had the patience twenty wasted years ago. For then I could have worn A diamond blue ring and had shoulders big and strong and walked down the path like it was mine and listened to the strangers and made my decisions with my girl. And we’d go into town and throw it all around. And rock it North South East And West wearing a vest. Yeah.

And my mates would all be young and free from such things as ties them down 2

Me 2. I am tied down by you. And the place I live. I stay for no good reason other than I carry an old fashioned image of home that seems out of time 2day.

You carry me or drag me literally through bramble bushes leaving me cut and bleeding for I say again no good reason. I can’t tolerate it any longer. I thought I was stronger. What I need is no place here. Why do I feel I am being guided by hand invisible towards a place where everybody will know I failed. But I have a talent. Me. Little old me. Such praise 2 day.

Pray. No I will not pray to a God that did not make it happen. It was the well. You have it 2.

Can I have forgotten already? 2late.

You arrive home after a day at work and you look tired and windswept. I love you. You glance in my direction and I think that you love me 2.

Could I be that I am dreaming and in reality you are leaving me here alone?

I think again of the meeting and the words unspoken and that’s enough 2 carry me through. Is it all in my mind? All of the time?

What does it say on the label? Schizophrenic. Medication twice a day. Risperidone. Methadone Pretty.

Are women 2 be trusted Am I 2 be trusted?

We shall have to wait and see.


I Don’t Want Love

I don’t want love

I want hope and illumination

I don’t want love

I want sorcery and reprobation

I don’t want love

I don’t know what it is anymore

Call it will, call it anonymous

call it how you see it, transparent as hell.

like fish in a barrel they can shoot me at will

And I will gawp as the bullet takes off half my face

leaving me bleeding all over the place and I will

write I never had the will to fight but I did not shirk away

I stood my ground and took my place amongst the stupid

the majority that wonder why they are in a minority when

fortune comes calling all around them but they cut themselves shaving

every morning for the same fucking pay doing it the same fucking way

every fucking day.

Illumination? Illumination?

Can I show you heaven and hell? If I  do I am in a minority

because no longer do we belong on pews in religious order and politics

takes care of the few and I wonder what I wonder really when its

really all Jean Paul Satre. I do not believe I do believe we are all in trouble

there is no bubble, except for those that choose to hide from it

Those who do not scream, those who do not die, those who do not lie.

Politicians, Democracy, Thoughts

Business, politics, finance too

The future of the country has been entrusted to you

What you gonna do? What you gonna do?

Pray to a God? Make a Poll? or arrange a focus gro uu UUP?

Or will you turn to the precedent of history, of ancient and noble civilisations past and present them as the future of this land?

Or will you do A Boris Johnson and the political ladder climb?

Or will you give yourself real responsibility and drop your office and become a voter where the real responsibilities lie.


Cracked Polystyrene

A velveteen breeze, warm and tropical

Lifts my heart and body intact.

A sour gale pushes back in my grin

And leaves me wonderin’.

I am eating colour charts for breakfast

without a single calorie past my lips.

Outside leaves a lot to the imagination

or not as cars go past with occupants

Going somewhere to work or to play.

How this mess works is beyond me

but somehow we balance the books and get by.

My spirit lies in a moment and ready or not

music comes along and sweeps it up to

a  place twanging at my heart strings

and bringing to mind sadness or joy to which I attach chains of causality.

The web

in which my moment is

‘Freedom’ afforded by my condition constrains

me  like a chain

ties a pig to a yard. If I could put countries, counties and continents

under myself I would be replete with miles and new strange customary and culinary pleasures.

And language and science and religion, barbecues and books.

Because this world is a rich tapestry.


Off-cuts and Bits And Pieces

I am enjoying a nice hot sweet cup of tea on a frigid night here in the Midlands. It must be minus 3. I digress I am indoors but am dressed for the great outdoors with a fleece, scarf, wooly hat, and roaring log fire. Guess which one of those facts is as made up as I think my writing is good.

I have had a pleasant evening with some conversation on WordPress, which is always nice, but often unexpected, like compliments they should be savoured as its unclear as to when and where there will be any more.

Receiving a compliment is double nice and double rare unless I count my soulless existence as thanks enough for the effort, child! Do you know why I speak to you the way I do? Because you’re a child! A CHILD! Sorry got sidetracked there. Well, I would like to send a big thank you to my new friend from today (you know who you are) and to all the other wonderful people who follow my work here on WordPress. Group Hug!!

Now for something completely different.

Andrew has been displaying, I said Andrew has been displaying. Displaying…(trails off into incomprehensibility) Andrew has been…and I think its very good! (grins) I think it will be good for him to… (trails off again) with OTHER PEOPLE! with OTHER PEOPLE yes thats right with OTHER PEOPLE I said. Yes Andrew is doing it with OTHER PEOPLE NOW. YES IT WILL BE GOOD FOR HIM I AGREE!


Yes, Andrew is…good at that. Yes, Andrew….may sometimes say things he doesn’t mean, or things he says later that he doesn’t mean.

Well, that’s that settled then.

To be continued…definitely

Blog On WordPress!

A tale of two…

Groups, Couples, Churches, Teams, Car-shares, companies,

Non bring fear into my heart like imagining another one of …me.

Someone else who has tasted the tree of life in pretty much the identical way. Why?

It’s something to do with control. If he (for it must be) has something that I don’t and I want it and my circumstances are similar but I don’t want to get this thing then that’s OK Isn’t it?

If our circumstances are different in that say he has more money than I do (which is probably likely) then I might say we are the same except that he has more money.

It depends on if I am in an insular what does the fluff inside my belly button tell me about me mood or in a kiss the sky mood when I want everything to be good, or if I’m feeling vengeful…

It takes two to tango.

To be continued…probably

Everything Is Awesome!

I have just watched The Lego Movie and was suitably impressed. The character treatment in it was basic but well rounded and despite not making me really think, I found it enjoyable and entertaining.The truth is that we have to be lots of different people in order to fulfil our dreams;

Some days we are creative, other days business freaks, or sounding boards, or gophers, or dogsbody’s, or ignored and neglected people.

And for want of some wisdom, there is always love. Love to carry us through (and onto the next, harder level), Love to inspire us or love to give us something to aim for when we are in the dark. Friendship too.

And for those of us who wander around in near total darkness, there is the light.

Need I say more. I like Emmet am no master builder, more of a keen amateur!

Well, I hope you were inspired or entertained, or both (neither doesn’t count). Thoughts I can read…Followers I need…

Do yourself a favour and rent The Lego Movie……….today!!