I Don’t Want Love

I don’t want love I want hope and illumination I don’t want love I want sorcery and reprobation I don’t want love I don’t know what it is anymore Call it will, call it anonymous call it how you see it, transparent as hell. like fish in a barrel they can shoot me at willContinue reading “I Don’t Want Love”

Politicians, Democracy, Thoughts

Business, politics, finance too The future of the country has been entrusted to you What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Pray to a God? Make a Poll? or arrange a focus gro uu UUP? Or will you turn to the precedent of history, of ancient and noble civilisations past and present them asContinue reading “Politicians, Democracy, Thoughts”

Cracked Polystyrene

A velveteen breeze, warm and tropical Lifts my heart and body intact. A sour gale pushes back in my grin And leaves me wonderin’. I am eating colour charts for breakfast without a single calorie past my lips. Outside leaves a lot to the imagination or not as cars go past with occupants Going somewhereContinue reading “Cracked Polystyrene”

A tale of two…

Groups, Couples, Churches, Teams, Car-shares, companies, Non bring fear into my heart like imagining another one of …me. Someone else who has tasted the tree of life in pretty much the identical way. Why? It’s something to do with control. If he (for it must be) has something that I don’t and I want itContinue reading “A tale of two…”

Everything Is Awesome!

I have just watched The Lego Movie and was suitably impressed. The character treatment in it was basic but well rounded and despite not making me really think, I found it enjoyable and entertaining.The truth is that we have to be lots of different people in order to fulfil our dreams; Some days we areContinue reading “Everything Is Awesome!”