My Candle Burns Underwater

In a word, insomuch of a breath that was taken in vain This thing occurred. A tale of two cities. Forgotten bliss. Memories of hope. Now. I die. I don’t believe. I try. I do not specify. Maybe. A Life on the stage for me. Assignations. A plea. Nothing. Scattered frozen peas. Of an idea.Continue reading “My Candle Burns Underwater”


‘So, Did you find the new play inspiring Jim?’ ‘No, I found it expiring rather than inspiring, I’m afraid’ ———————————————————————— I have found my inspiration I am looking under the ocean And I am finding a respite from the never ending light And the train that is approaching Seems to be encroaching on my skills like theContinue reading “Expiring”

Seeing you as if for the first time

It’s scary seeing you as if for the first time. Everything looms large – larger than life. And I shrink. In my eyes, you are sixteen feet tall and I now armed with an adequate tech feel like an amoeba about to get bleached. There have been cartoons made on this subject. And it’s notContinue reading “Seeing you as if for the first time”