Futuristic Ice Cream Novel

Lollypop lady gives out lollipops to children of dinosaurs and illegal immigrants. Rally here, rally here bring your cameras and smart phones. Please do not SWEAR or smoke. (There are children about) Moonlight optional, Hi- vis accepted, BBC outside broadcast. blip.    

Vegan Matadors

Seals coming ashore Waves crashing around Babes guided in The shoreline brethren breathe collectively and rest their weary heads make the sand their beds for the night. Alert to the slightest tremor from the seas or the sky or from land tractor A bird perched upon a fence post hops down to have a closerContinue reading “Vegan Matadors”

Post-Going Missing, Pre-Coming Home

Is post going missing? By this, I do not mean through¬†dawn raids on your letterbox or mail slot, although these things have been known to happen. I have heard (heard) that even if someone were to s…(muffled) Anyway, this post is about ‘Post’. We are always Post-something. How many times have I switched on theContinue reading “Post-Going Missing, Pre-Coming Home”

Guaranteed to give you an incredible sex life!

It’s a riki-tiki-tavi, excremental, supplemental, tablet. It’s in your face, totally out of place beauty. What is its nature? We don’t know. It doesn’t think. Ed.It’s in the eye of the beholder. Hours of fun guranteed. Will make you incredible. Even more incredible! Wow! Buy Now and get a Real Pink Leather Case FREE!!!

Madness Resumes Control!

Control and its many variations. Such utter..ances… make my nose… bleed. I would rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac, as the saying goes. But still here marooned on an alien planet with only home delivery to keep my sane and in the ‘game’. I now have a subscription to Amazon Prime and I am in theContinue reading “Madness Resumes Control!”