Rhyming Adventures

First word, First line, first stanza, Just like in The Tales of LaMancha Our hero is abroad on horseback And no-one is there to make him rack His brains, nobility, pride and bravery For escaping the tedium he calls modern slavery Hark! a lady in some distress is calling An opportunity to prove his manliness!Continue reading “Rhyming Adventures”

Greebo and Toad LeStrange

‘What a strange place to begin writing about your life,’ said Toad ‘The Pond?’ said Greebo ‘Yes Greebo, The pond. It’s hardly the place to start writing about one’s life. It’s not where we started. It’s where we end up! Figuratively speaking you understand’ replied toad ‘I began life in a hole in a ground…There was nobodyContinue reading “Greebo and Toad LeStrange”

Sweet Dreams, Ephraim

  The road was long, at least, that’s how Ephraim remembered it.   On his way home  and reaching the bottom of his road where the bucket and slop cloth awaited him the following morning. He let out a sigh. ‘That’s one for Mom none for me. Again. At least, the bricks are red andContinue reading “Sweet Dreams, Ephraim”