The Clock Ticks

Tock. Tick Tock Tick Tock Happy New Year! Bon Anniversaire! Bienvenue! Such things occur, as they are wont to do. No? And the wind does change and a northerly blows past your window! Succour for the masses gathered in their classes. Huh? Not tonight my friend! Tonight is Your Life! BANG! You are dropped on yourContinue reading “The Clock Ticks”


Something Else Hard

There are some things that are harder to write about than others. Emotions are complicated and transparent and reflect light drawing you off down alleyways that although they may be full of words do not result in the subject what you had intended to write about. Suicide is one of those things that conjures upContinue reading “Something Else Hard”

Notwithstanding, I will continue

********************************* *******Warning: Adult Themes******* ********************************* Scene: Aboard a Steam riverboat cruiser ‘Miss Dolly’ USA, 1910. ‘Not as I am accustomed to public speakaling I will do my uppity to continue in the style I have become accustomed’ said the compare, putting on what he hoped was his cheeriest sounding voice. ‘It is with a great senseContinue reading “Notwithstanding, I will continue”