Premature Ejaculation

Black, filth, absolute destruction pogrom seed scatters ill will with it desire so shallow. Dank, dark, semen-stained pages Grotesque biscuits in a rusty barrel Devils supper banquet burns. Wasted decay of teeth sharpened bleeding gums whisper scorn and spittle cold tastes like death. The black cross inverted the inside perverted, sex rites follow-like Dantes Inferno FulfilledContinue reading “Premature Ejaculation”

The Itch

I had to scratch my itch again It’s like I have just got hands and know where to go to get that feeling that isn’t sexual but isn’t entirely neutral nor mechanical, nor subliminal It’s my itchy fingers on a keyboard words on the screen, maybe the big, big screen One day… Until then I will dream andContinue reading “The Itch”