Hackers Suck!

Why don’t I feel comfortable in front of my computer?
Is it the breakdowns, the stress, or the fear of hackers?
Why don’t I care if this doesn’t suit ya?
Is it the work/life balance or the feeling called love or crackers?
If I could I would suit and boot ya!
All the way to Looney Tunes!!
What is this life if full of care we have no time to sit and stare?
What exposition would convince you that boring is stupid and life is short
What commonplace object? Would you care?
Isn’t design the answer to life’s problems?
Can this be found in an office chair?
So I implore you to see; the design is where I am meant to be!
I would have been pleased to meet you a petrol head
I would have told tails of poisonous women’s’ lips
I would have been less than Schizophrenic
But you had to have it your own way, computer
And this is why we can’t be friends.
So, it looks like I’ll have to work with my enemy, even if it drives me around the bends!

A Warning-Prelude

In a space

bricks are falling

into new foundations

in a space

new pipes are being laid

and new drainage set out

in a  space

in my space.

Are thoughts invisible or do they have a length, width, height unseen

or a spectral dimension mass and density

X thoughts per centimetre

X thoughts per square inch

thoughts that can go through walls and into

neighbouring rooms where

they stir up and mix with the thoughts of those inside.