We Like Rubbish

We like rubbish at the front of our house because we thinks its neat for everyone walking by to walk in a soiled street. We like rubbish out the front of our house because you are a fool For putting rubbish into bins like they are sins. Yeeeeehhhaaahha you tool! We like rubbish out theContinue reading “We Like Rubbish”

In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room listening to the gloom It’s all so interesting to me   OI’m going into town to see what’s going down In the store and on the street Someone to see   OI’m not meeting anyone this way seems so lame Everyone seems so tame In town.   OI’m not hungry forContinue reading “In My Room”

What Is This Life?

Odds and Evens and Vermin, Aldi is not the only fruit, Here on this street.   While we hang around and whisper ‘please’ It’s a load of old rope. for them on the dope. You barely even know. ‘Skewers’ you call him As he makes a ratface at you saying     ‘Take in the chainmail stuff,Continue reading “What Is This Life?”