Bed In My Head

My bed is in my head, it’s the same every night Pillow slip check, duvet check teddy… It’s the same every night It’s the same every night Like a weirdos dream.. sleep alone… my soul is untouched and clean… no one else can see the mould on the wall… It’s the same every night It’s the same everyContinue reading “Bed In My Head”

To My Younger Self

This is it.The music I like. The people I like. The art I like. The books I like. The hobbies I like. The games I like. The flat I like. The pace I like. The collections I like. The DVD’s I like. The posters I like. The stickers I like. The clothes I like. The economics I like. TheContinue reading “To My Younger Self”

Was It Raining?

Some of the things people say to you, I thought I’d share a few of the ones I have experienced with you, dear reader. I say: I’m an artist, As an artist… They say: Piss artist more like I say: I like to draw guns They say: So you can sell them to IsiS? IContinue reading “Was It Raining?”