Swoosh, Swoosh To My Ready Room Stat Make It So Interesting Illogical Impulse Speed Commander

Swoosh. The door closes behind him. Madrake is now in the ready room with Commander Green.

‘…see the counsellor.’

Mandrake stuck out his bottom lip and gazed at his shoes.

‘Will you see the counsellor, Mandrake? Make It So’

A Pause. ‘ Interesting. Dunno’

Another pause. Then gently, coaxingly ‘Will you talk to the counsellor Madrake’

A pause then in a slightly louder tone, Mandrake asks ‘Illogical.Why?’

‘Your …problems Mandrake’

‘And they can help me with ,my problems can they?’ asked Madrake pointedly.

A slight pause then reassuringly again ‘Impulse Speed.Yes,’

‘I dunno commander…’, ‘What if i don’t like her?’

‘Think about it…’


Swoosh. Mandrake leaves the ready room.