A Writer’s End

Where for art thou?
We’re lost without you
Thou aren’st anymore
Thou find’st find you
Where to look for you
with thine eyes you see
and with lips speak divine
I’ll look and see into you
Appear before me I command you!


by Andrew Watkins


Fish pie
In the everlasting…
We can only bow and take the strain
As they reign victorious
Mercy for those deep in transgression
In the house of God
Strength to those suffering
Joy to those in bondage
Freedom to those in chains
Epiphany to those in darkness
Pray that we may see

Wild horses shin Pegasus
Father unto Father
into the domain
under the ground
Where you may reign
in darkness
Light the fire of life
after that which drains you
and lifts you up in splendour
to new heights
Catch that plane tap that vein
Walk tall and don’t mess up.


©2017 Andrew Watkins

Torch Lite

Insensitive Cochons give me no air

As they root and feed root and feed

I must be the shit splattered everywhere

as they grunt and sniff, grunt and sniff

I forgot my really good line (again)

As I get pushed aside

and into the wall

bloodying my nose

that sprays all over them

As they root and feed, grunt and sniff

I sink to the ground

On dirty straw and exhale

Too tired to get up

Kicking an exclusion zone

I wrap my arms around my knees

as the shit soaks into my pants

and believe this is really happening.

It’s all part of Gods plan for me.

©2017 Andrew Watkins


Resolute in our way for a day.
There’s oranges. Details later.
In our day, pray for details
absolute in nature duty carries day.
In our day pussy came and dick bone
Evolution matters tied without.
In nature in out oranges again.
Prudence. Why? Be forgotten be.
Begotten Son! Praise be.
Jeremiah instilled be thee
and nobody else.
Jeremiah instilled in thee
above way. Instilled in everybody.
Before me instilled everybody fine
Where are we along the vine?
Everybody? can we still? can we still?
One. One way. One life.

This Ones For You

Did you ever look and think ‘that’s not for me’

because it was too big, too bright, too shiny?

Then this song’s for you. It’s all I can do

To give thanks to you and you and you

for leaving more for me for me for me!

I wanted to write a ‘Your Song’ like Elton John

But when I got writing I thought it was wrong

To pretend and to write a song like ‘your song’ would be a falsehood

because I guess I need to sing ‘my song’ more or at least that how it seems.

Nevertheless, you are in my heart and whenever I hear

your bitter cry ‘It’s only for you’ then I recall a time I

thought the same about Prince and his Purple Rain.

Sometimes It’s allowing yourself to feel special enough

to say ‘I want it my way’ and sending a prayer or doing

what you must to sculpt that bust or show that smile

when you go the extra mile for someone you care for.

You can also go the Xtra mile for you. Nobody can say

you don’t care and if they do they are WRONG.

You have needs and are special too. I just wanted to remind

you and sing this song for you.God Bless You.

If you are tired and cannot go on then think of Solomon

Whose temple was in ruins and he rebuilt it stone by stone

until it shone in the sun. A testament to one man and his will.

If you can see it then you can make it real. Just concentrate on

where the pain is and heal. Then go out and earn your meal. And

remember that you have a brain. And achievement is sought after

by employers lovers friends and family. Nobody dates a loser.

Sing ‘My Song’ when your low and have nowhere to go. It’s only

natural to feel sorrow for the old ways and letting go of what you

used to know. And you will feel it every day for as long as it takes

to get to know you and where you can go and you will be surprised.

I just realised that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can also listen to ‘Your Song’

and we can make a deal if you like. Come back one day and comment on

my blog and tell me what you achieved.Go and make it real!



If something is hanging off loose

then someone else gathers it up in their hands

does it become part of them?

Some luck will push me into a new arena

Here I will work on my parts. Some parts are almost empty

vessels while others line pots like climbing ivy covers a wall.

And all the time I am thinking. Profound! May many parts

receive His blessing. It is commonplace down our way.

For people to shine brightly. Like hearts on parade!

Wearing a visor to keep eyes in the shade


everyone is bathed in glorious light.