Scribbled in ink

Eating up the meters between us

the poetry spider is drunk again

3 feet wide and two feet tall

Black and hairy beast

Eyes staring

Silk streams, slobber falls

Dirty teeth shine and snap

It’s nonsense that it lives

It carries me away slung over

To it’s mountain cavernous home



My room has giant spider webs.

In the room next to mine, a spider, like Shelob lives and waits for me to drop my guard so she can eat me.

Haemoglobin – The cars on the street are carrying oxygen to cells throughout the organ system city. Red cars are antihistamine carriers. Police cars cancer drugs at work.

I am an oldĀ 286 PC running an old BASIC program which has a virus and outputs strings of text and images at random intervals.

I wanted to write this. It was my ambition at one time. It feels naughty to have finally made it.

Maybe I wanted to be…16 again.

Am I Alone?