The rock of ages
the r-o-k of ages past
Can you see the future
In the bottom of your glass?
Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
Can you see your future
in the bottom of a glass?
lost for inspiration
drowning in despair
the dove spots land
it’s a tigers lair

Camelot comes calling
bringing Guinevere

The rock of ages
the rock of ages past
can you see the future
in the bottom of a glass?

Taking her by the hand
Take her to the promised land
Mistake her progeny
For a shining future
Beware the devil’s cards
Camelot will shoot ya!

Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
Can you see your future
in the bottom of a glass?

The days are one long carnival
Misers are convivial
the future has become the past
Camelot keeps calling
you can keep bees…
Or I’ll bring you to your knees

Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
can you see your future in
the bottom of your glass?

There’s a bee that’s buzzing
in your ear telling, you are very near
to the mansion house
to the Emblazion!!
to the Emblazion!!

Rock the ages past
Rock the ages past
can you see the future in the bottom of a glass?

Emblazion!! Emblazion!!
One step to heaven
Two steps back
When will the future
Cut me some slack?

Clever Titles Work (Sometimes)

Crisis, Neoliberal hegemony crushing intellectual freedoms in the new Bovver Boot. Should the student be worried?


When Piaget and penguin paperbacks were on every self-respecting fifteen-year-old student who had serious ambitions of attending and PARTICIPATING in university life When sociological discourse was not something derided. When Derrida was HEARD and it wasn’t all I’m alright Jacque!


When BDSM was something you did while experimenting not consuming. When consciousness was disputed and a voice arose out of the media saying It’s OK to think. We are academics. It’s what we do.


This is how I remember intellectual pursuits while growing up. Outside of the institutions that had nurtured and grown these voices I felt assured that should the time come to pick up where secondary education left off the main problems I would face would be time management and financial security, as well as tonnes and tonnes and OODles of reading.


Now I am reading AROUND the subjects that have interested me the most, and to be fair that means most of them, I find that as well as the ending of student funding, the global financial crisis and commercialism entering the acquisition of knowledge stage of the nation’s societal development we have another problem. The Oxford of Inspector Morse is gone replaced by Endeavour. And the institutions ain’t what they used to be.


I should have recognised the neo-nazi fascism I experienced would not go away. I should have realised that time does more than pass it gives people the opportunity to change and that is what is needed if we are to again enter the domain of the academic shoulders that we can all rise above with a little strength and effort.


While our legs are being chopped we will NOT continue to STAND and  stay SILENT anymore.


For the student to succeed he needs money and shoulders to push off from. The cuts have broken down the support that students traditionally expected and now they face a join the dots education where serious academic thought isn’t discussed, just graded like Junior School work. Its approbation by the powers that be and the outgoing generation who also did away with meaningful pension pots is just another example of how difficult it is to remain optimistic about our nation’s future.


Smartphone app anyone?

Sincerity, Brevity, Charm!

I believe sometimes I touch.

Say! Do you want to get some beers?

Let’s put on some tunes and get some girls and party!

I believe and that is possible. I believe and it’s not partying political.

I believe and let us pray on our knees to the God in Heaven.

You can get up now (I was only joking)

Sincerity, brevity, inside I’m laughing at you like a hyena who has found a fresh corpse.

I’m a scavenger of souls of shrunken heads and good luck charms.

What made me this way? Sincerity, brevity. Charm?

I am three gods in one. Jackal, Goat and Chicken. Cluck Cluck! Cluck!

And you are my sheep, brethren, unbelievers and fellow chickens, Cluck Cluck!

Sincerity, Brevity, Charm!

Guilty chicken, go clean out the coop and say three Hail Mary’s

Innocent Guilty Child go inside! And watch TV.

Or read a book with your family.

Beelzebub! Satan! Where art thou? In my soul eating what innocence is left?

Innocence is my coat my jacket and I wear you like a cub loves its mother.

Innocence, brevity, Charm! You could light up the path all the way to departure!

Look around you is what they say. Bad boy. Bad girl or Sow. bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Little johnnies being playing with himself again!!! I’m wearing a grin, What about you?

Little plays, little ways I am huge!

It’s morality you see. It’s purgatory. It’s somewhere in between.I have a wand you know.

And I use it.

While you were being calm someone was out robbing the off license with a stolen credit card. My stolen credit card! I didn’t even get a bottle of vodka out of it. Just a phone call saying we know who did it.

Little fishes, babbling brook, crushing rocks, Charm!

Secrets and fancies, Tuesday afternoon dances, Animal farm!

It’s Wednesday and past your bedtime. Innocence Brevity,Charm!

Nothing changes except you. Sincerity, Brevity, Charm.

Little mountain stream brings tears to my eyes, What beauty in nature

God is truly great. Make no mistake. Great. Great. Great. Eagle that is Golden What do I beholden? A Flask of coffee and a yoghurt flapjack and some tuna sarnies that have wrapped themselves around the apple as if declaring undying love for its once clean shiny roundness. I break up this fantasy with disgust and a tut and pour myself a cup.

Mountain Stream

All that is green

and natural

Let the hEavens above be thankful and full of praise!

Epiphany over I return my gaze to my surroundings, glance my satnav and wonder at modern conveniences before I am interrupted by a tut.

Got some of that joe bro? Asks Jo.

‘Sure’ I say although I am far from it.

The walk continues and then I go home.

Except for some unwanted visitors, the night was unremarkable in the extreme.

Except for some bats, Owls in woollen hats and dancing demi-gods!

Except for washing up and cakes and being overweight  nothing happened.

It was normal in the extreme. N-ormal. E-normous. Not enormous but just plain normal.

Since when did I go to heaven or should that be Die and go to heaven?

Since when do I as I please, when I please and with who I please?

Since when did the reality rug roll itself up and put itself over my shoulder with the command ‘Take me to the attic!?

Notwithstanding my boxer shorts nothing short of a miracle has happened.  Nothing of the sort!

It’s just my mind playing fantasies again!

I’ll wake up and smell the coffee any minute now!

Black no sugar, creme if you want it.

No siree, not today!!

I couldn’t give a rats ass. If I may be plain.

It’s just me again. Poor little me.

I’ll read the newspaper and disappear!

The sugar speaks louder than me. The waitress is perfect and what has happened to my Sincerity, Brevity and Charm?

‘Yes please’ is all I can manage and the steam train of manners puffs away like a Vintage excursion on Bank Holiday and I. Where am I? I am forgotten. Lost. Stolen? Like a blanket from children. I mourn my loss but with each sip of coffee, I acquiesce a little more towards bankruptcy of self. Of sincerity, of brevity, of charm. Pray for I little I lost in Starbucks or Costa Coffee with no money and no laptop blarney.

Behind lies the lawnmover, and I have to move a mountain to get by. Dinner! is the cry of the one I call Mother. I cannot lie.

Grabbing my marbles bag and matchsticks I run inside and sit down ready. It’s dinner time! Smiles all around.

Behind me is Satan with his hand up my back making me do and say things I would rather not. Begone Satan. Hello, Angel! Or better still a bit of both!

I am still no closer to stardom of being a father but a little voice says I will. I do. Solemnly.

So back to Britain! New prime minister, new walls around the garden! I get that sinking feeling again!

It’s time for something new where I will be able to continue with this malarkey at my own pace with my own present company.

How will this be achieved? Through deceivery and deception? Or willing mistrust?

I vote for the latter, by a tight margin of luck.

And now I am here!

Bon Voyage and Good luck!

Well, It’s Wednesday Night and I’m typing away instead of being in bed with a coffee, a fan and a can of cider for company. Hurrah! I am busy typing way behind some deadline I set but willing and able and comfortable-ish behind with washing up again! Deadlines looming. A week away in my head I better had not write it down or I will have to follow it then! Anyway, i write with an urgency not found on the bookshelf or at the stationers store. Like my life depended on it. I must tell you a little story. last week I was at the Kitchen sink and I cut myself with a knife. What went through my mind? A plaster and it will be OK? No Infection and me losing my arm. But anyway. I am a man.

Urgency is what put that thought in my mind. A deadline of success before fifty. Success before forty didn’t work then? Well, success anyway AND AT ANY COST!

I answered the door only wearing my boxer shorts today! I am lean mean writing machine! Ha to you tweed wearing elbow patch sporting losers! Ha, I spit on your tan brogues and correspondence courses Pah! I spit on you!

Pah! Behind is the word in my mind. Behind a giant garden shed puffing on sensimillia? Behind the times? Behind on my ambitions? Behind my family in terms of achievements? Behind in emotional maturity? Behind in the relationship stakes, behind financially?

Behind God? Yeah, I am behind God. All the way to yesterday when I solved an insoluble problem by listening to God speak. And by going outside I tasted freedom from fear and mistrust for a few seconds and found my purpose again with my camera in my hand. Represent! Do not repent! Represent! In image form, In writing, In poem IN prose, In meter, in verse, however, you please if you can do it with ease then do it.

Before now I wouldn’t have said that. I might have thought I was hinting when I was just prevaricating my senses away from something I would rather not do. But that was yesterday and today is new. And I am still prevaricating.

Pray you don’t have to be a front line nurse on some war torn bombed out town in the middle of Syria or Turkey!

There are nicer ways to make a living. You could crochet for Pinochet or another dictator. And I am not talking about money here NO. But time that precious gift that is yours and mine and free to give always unless you have problem neighbours who take up all of your time. Behind us is the time of prevaricating. Now we can participate. Now we can communicate. Now we can create.

Behind us is the misery of depression, repressed feelings and emotions and saying No!

Behind us is the past and in front is the future which we can ignore at our peril!

Past is the old ways and forward we go!

Into the present like a warrior on a horse. Screaming ‘Give it to me!’Now is mine!’

The present is our friend and ally. The present is what is there for us to multiply and advance on the future weapons ready. The future is what we hold dearest.

Back to that little mountain stream babbling away . Its crystal clear cold waters spewed from between crevices in the bedrock. An aquifer of plenty for all. Behind us is the past. In front of us lies the future. Behind us easy achievements goals and ambitions. In front of us new horizons and denizens. Behold!



If a man draws a circle with a stick in the sand he is making his mark

If a man draws a pension he has probably already made his mark

If a man draws his weapon he is about to extinguish someone else’s light

No matter what the universe deals us we are all given life

and what we choose to do with that life that we have is up to nobody but us

So aim high at the mark and take your best shot.

You never know what tomorrow will bring

so live for today and not yesterday

live for yourself and those you love

And give praise to God above.

And thanks be

for an opportunity.