What Do You Call it When?

Your favourite song no longer belongs…on your player. Your favourite movie no longer moves you …to play it. Your favourite song fails to catch your sighs and your favourite colour fails to enchant your eyes Is it being out of love or in love separated between those we know and haven’t yet dated Is itContinue reading “What Do You Call it When?”

We Like Rubbish

We like rubbish at the front of our house because we thinks its neat for everyone walking by to walk in a soiled street. We like rubbish out the front of our house because you are a fool For putting rubbish into bins like they are sins. Yeeeeehhhaaahha you tool! We like rubbish out theContinue reading “We Like Rubbish”

Bacon Sandwich

Bacon sandwich in my face Got an unhappy boat race And I’m going down, going down To unhappy station where there is a steam train to take me on a journey out of here, out of here. To the country under the sky, to the beaches at the seaside. I’m going down, I’m going down. to the country,Continue reading “Bacon Sandwich”

Low Fat Peregrine Margarine

Love, control, incest Love, control, incest Bees pour down on me from their honeyed home Annoyed because I poked his hive, tongue-tied, now dying alive. Love, control, incest, sting, sting, sting Give me support, give me support take my legs from under me and attach me to a star, so I can swing merrily along. TakeContinue reading “Low Fat Peregrine Margarine”