La chemise chanson ( The Shirt Song)

S’il vous plaît manquer , pouvez -vous me aider off avec cette chemise . Ma chemise est noir , et bleu . Mais je veux une chemise qui est jaune et rouge et orange . Je veux une chemise qui est rouge, et jaune et … Je veux une chemise qui est bleu . MaisContinue reading “La chemise chanson ( The Shirt Song)”


If you are feeling blue turn the radio on and erase that frown Be like me. Be like me. Be like me. Be like me. I know you’re bottlenecked whooaaaaa! Bottlenecked whhhoooaaaaaa! If things aren’t where they are supposed to be you’re bottlenecked whoooaaaah! bottlenecked whoooaaahh! When that stranger became a friend saved you fromContinue reading “Bottlenecked”

Till we meet again/In Symphony

I only knew you for a short while And All I can think about your smile and how we walked down the lane me telling you about my dreams and you whispering them pleasantly back to me. We walked like lovers hand in hand We scaled the difficulties together we made our promises together withContinue reading “Till we meet again/In Symphony”