Interesting, Studious, Cool That’s how I roll Lighting the spliff of life I drawwwwwwww! I drawwwwwwww! I drawwwwwwwww! Back to my pad, home. Jump my bones baby Rock’n’Roll Stuck in a teenage nightmare or dream Nothing is as it seems Debt collectors at the door and I’m not in debt no more Or so IContinue reading “Home”

Christian Summer Blues Tune

To music that goes up and down don’t put up with that ugly frown take it indoors and give it the once over and you’ll come outside smelling of clover.   Interior design is getting me down Spending all my time as an f****** clown With a light soy sauce, you’re on your way Have a happy summerContinue reading “Christian Summer Blues Tune”

Intergalactic Tomato Ride

It’s like a map, he said sitting at the corner of the bed knife in hand, blood dripping from veins Mean while on the supergalactic tomato Boneface makes an appearance to bow ‘Hello, I am boneface. Here is faceless and mok and tew and finally boredom who will know you by now’ Hello and welcomeContinue reading “Intergalactic Tomato Ride”

Saynt Elsewhere

To all the haters..try and be complicated and hold to opposing views while expounding love as the cure only to find that the answer lies somewhere in between that rocks. To all the lovers…try to expound on the fact that you are vulnerable but that your weakness is your strength a call to action ofContinue reading “Saynt Elsewhere”

Songwrite 4

Deep Red/Blue D’ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh! I wince at the yellow and find comfort in its sallllllow death like probe into my consciousness bleeding without pain. my body is square and your head is round tea. lego. Mechano. solder electronics wit I drown like a misfit in your caustic flow alkaline. chocolate melts at room temperature theContinue reading “Songwrite 4”


Superhighway At the bottom of the ocean in the inky inky darkness I can see, I can see, I can seeBut the flashlight of sobriety is flashing at me dot-dash-dot-dot-dash Something, someone is signalling me. a pattern becomes a beam becomes a superhighway When I’m chilling in my pad Dossing sideways on my notepad ThinkingContinue reading “Songwrite”