Awake Today

I was Rip Van Winkle

And I slept through and tinkled

in my bed when others were getting mad

I was sleeping and watching reruns of Buffy

On Channel 23  where I saw other guys like me

content to sleep the rest of the week

and others were saying let it go

and I had done that a long time ago

Awesome! I told myself to stop sleeping

but then I had a snooze and felt much better

there is nothing stronger than the body repairing itself

while it rests under a duvet safe in slumber away from harm

and machinery that could take off your arm

But today I am awake

It’s no joke

some snake bit me on the throat

now I see death when i close my eyes

so I sleep with them open.

Now I sleep with them Open.

Awake today

Awake tonight

Awake all the time day and night

Awake in my sleep

awake when we meet,

awake when we part

awake when you fart.

I am awake today

perhaps for the first time

in a long time, my eyes are bright

and not afraid of the light

streaming in like Fanta

into my vision.

It’s Time For Work Again

It’s time for work again but I just can’t go

I’m too tired to speak, too tired to go.

Something that was thought of when I was tired

will not go because I am tired.

This is the lot of the tired go-getter.

Poor nutrition could be one reason,

Another anxiety at whatever I see,

For every good deed accomplished,

moments of glee, then I can go tiredly

home to my bed. Shooting zzzed.

Born of confusion, born of frustration

Born out of wedlock, NOT! But the tiredness

wars are already lost, to ZZZ the victor, victorious is he.

I might as well turn over and go back to sleep.

For all the good it will do putting up a fight.

For I am known as King ZZZZ and everyone knows my plight

Not enough exercise, not enough good food, and no-one

to cuddle up to at night, alone in my room.

King ZZZZEEEE, precociously, then zealously, then tiredly.

then completely out of it.

Down with the big Z, forever it seems.