The reason for getting gout of bed

Can’t be bothered for getting out of bed for anything other than sex? If so you have found the right place! Ipsum great! If you enjoy sex like me then you will no doubt know that it affects your spirituality. Sex with a partner can be uplifting as well as satisfying. A long-lasting sexual relationshipContinue reading “The reason for getting gout of bed”

One Liners

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ She was beautiful… I’ve got to get out of here… No time like the present… Or the past… ‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ I should like that… I do like that.. Fire a harpoon into the past Faces, faces, I’m coming last (coming at last) I’m coming at last… I’mContinue reading “One Liners”

Your Ears May Burn

She was tall But never close enough to feel Pretend is more fun Forensic timeline pathology intersected by blooms and stray insects French language labs someone pulled the blinds and one eye clouds over from behind. Check your thirst on wine not yet finished. Plentiful supply. Good vintage. Regarde. Tu Attende? Too soon! Why didContinue reading “Your Ears May Burn”

Men In Towels

After the sauna, I knew I had a temperature problem. They just kept on pouring water onto the hot coals and for the next week, I couldn’t regulate my own temperature. One minute I’d be inside wearing a wooly jumper and boiling next id be outside in a t-shirt freezing while the sun was out. It’sContinue reading “Men In Towels”

Easier than sex

Dear…, You made it harder but easier than sex I am getting by but that’s hardly a record I am nostalgic for painful separations Must be something in the air. There is something that kills me and it’s not the memory of my time with you You’re not here now and that’s a shame butContinue reading “Easier than sex”

Notwithstanding, I will continue

********************************* *******Warning: Adult Themes******* ********************************* Scene: Aboard a Steam riverboat cruiser ‘Miss Dolly’ USA, 1910. ‘Not as I am accustomed to public speakaling I will do my uppity to continue in the style I have become accustomed’ said the compare, putting on what he hoped was his cheeriest sounding voice. ‘It is with a great senseContinue reading “Notwithstanding, I will continue”