Crocodile Tears

I bet the Nazis cried when they lost the Third Reich…


I bet the Boston Strangler cried when they took away his rope.


I bet Peter Sutcliffe cried when they reminded him of what he’d done.


Tony Blair Shed a Tear For Iraq, George Bush too…


Would it be so funny if someone was persecuting you?

Dytiscus Marginalis

Oh Dytiscus Marginalis, You are so Rare

In my hair, Up my nose and in my ear

Why can’t I find you there? Why?

We could sleep 8 legs and 2 sets of wings between us

in the dry bed of my home. warm cosy and just the two of us

You can make a nest and I will say nothing as you bring the great outdoors into my nose ear or hair.

What was that? Don’t you care? to be a lodger in my nose or ear or in my hair?

You won’t find a better place to stay around here. Ignore the bathtub the toilet and the shower. They are too clean and wreak of disinfectant, you choke on the fumes and dytiscus will be no more.

No come and live with me up my nose, in my ear or in my hair.


Oh Dytiscus Marginalis You are so fey!

I wasn’t looking but i find you every day swimming along.

Why can i always find you? Why

You are not just funny but proud and strong, Its not the looking but the finding that took so long

Now we or I know where to look, no more pesky researching around bushes in the brook

You are my sure fire bet no more falling at beechers brook

What? You are not sure you want to find me everywhere you look? Well You are to forgetful to remember how to look. Its a good job I am here to bring order to the choas that surrounds us.

Next time you want to find me just look for my  shadow and surface somewhere  near me After all we are not strangers anymore and your appearances are part of natures harmony.