Hockley Brook

Apres du the past black and white traction engine fails to ignite me But the present lo, behold! Traps of Budapest alight warm and welcoming into the future, we gaze counting the prophets Shopkeepers Inn and hot food Amazed at the distance gone Drinking black and white Elements and hops barley within touching reach fromContinue reading “Hockley Brook”

The Cold Air Biting Frigid

Procrastination leads everywhere. Follow the lead of procrastination to its source and pull the plug! Act now! All-time, everywhere, all places, all people, all reckonings… The many warnings about procrastination! Never come out cold! Never go it alone! Never say never! Never think! ACT! Break procrastinations back. Think! DO! Love! React! Show! Tell! The ColdContinue reading “The Cold Air Biting Frigid”