OK, I have just started a company-Clusterfuck Credit Agency. I am recruiting for the following positions: CTO: Salary £250,000 MD: Salary £100,000 CFO: Salary 100, 000 plus Stock Options 7xIT Administrators Salary £5,000pw Accountants Salary £45,000 x8 Cleaner: Stock options plus expenses Please apply with real CV listing your achievements, social media profiles, address, age,Continue reading “CCA”


Just landed Singapore Landing Gear Searchlight ISIS AGAIN! I don’t know I was really looking forward to a good HOLIDAY! Do you know what I mean? Stuck in a timewarp with R.E.M. playing on the radio It’s the perpetuation of ISIL that makes me play this old shit. Go and vote! I got bills toContinue reading “BREXIT”

I’m On The Board of WI

I’ve become stick thin but my skin is so thick you can scratch it or prick it with a pin and it won’t let you in , in won’t let you in you can punch me or lay me out flat, stab me in the back but I won’t bleed or die… Officer, Officer, Officer,Continue reading “I’m On The Board of WI”

Guaranteed to give you an incredible sex life!

It’s a riki-tiki-tavi, excremental, supplemental, tablet. It’s in your face, totally out of place beauty. What is its nature? We don’t know. It doesn’t think. Ed.It’s in the eye of the beholder. Hours of fun guranteed. Will make you incredible. Even more incredible! Wow! Buy Now and get a Real Pink Leather Case FREE!!!


I know you know I know you know I know you know You know I know you know I know you know. Toothpaste squeezed out of a tube, that’s how I feel. When there is no more squeezing to do, when the tube is totally empty, That’s where I end up sometimes no matter what I do.Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Writing Exercise 365 day novel – Satire

I’ve only got a few of the facts, but I have an audience of willing lemmings who will laugh at anything I say, ascribe meaning and morality to the most trite populism I spout making people laugh and tackling today’s Big Issues I am a satirist. Oh yes, I have a very popular following soContinue reading “Writing Exercise 365 day novel – Satire”