My Candle Burns Underwater

In a word, insomuch of a breath that was taken in vain This thing occurred. A tale of two cities. Forgotten bliss. Memories of hope. Now. I die. I don’t believe. I try. I do not specify. Maybe. A Life on the stage for me. Assignations. A plea. Nothing. Scattered frozen peas. Of an idea.Continue reading “My Candle Burns Underwater”

The World

Big, square shaped, like a cube That’s Billy my fifteen-year-old. Slow, boring infinitely repeating That’s Billy My Sixteen Year old Large, Full of… Well, I think we can assume young Billy is growing up, or sideways if you prefer. The world is infinitely large or small, caring or indifferent depending on who you are; InContinue reading “The World”

The Man Who Couldn’t Write.

The man with gold lead in his pencil couldn’t write! He tried a gold paperweight on his desk but still the words would not come. A gold-tin he purchased containing gems and jewels and scattered them did all around his desk in the hope of inspiring him with beauty. Nothing came. A name, a game, insane.Continue reading “The Man Who Couldn’t Write.”

Sad Unrequited Love

There was a girl once, Fate doesn’t care but Wendy was her name. It doesn’t make the craft paper mache stick together anymore in my dreams. We were ready to0 double. Double the trouble. Then we were torn apart before we could really start. There was too much trouble in my part of town. OthersContinue reading “Sad Unrequited Love”