Har Har Fuckin Har

4.00 am I am more than this. I am speed. I am motivation. Early morning run. On the edge of power. The water of life runs by. (Huge ponds of it) As my feet pound on the pavement. Green fields come into view Running around corners, skidding on dry dirt. Keeping my balance. 6:30 IContinue reading “Har Har Fuckin Har”

In the Sand, I run

So Stuck am I that I don’t notice that I’m stuck in the mud anymore.¬† Andrew Watkins Left, right left, right – A poem about movement   I meander past the breakfast bar and saunter to the lounge where I settle with my coffee and leisurely supine myself¬†on the sofa The cat comes in andContinue reading “In the Sand, I run”

He Runs

This is a short poem about the experience of running. ——————————————————————- One leg flying outwards in front and one leg in the air trailing behind but in motion with each leg repeating the task as the other lapses half a cycle behind. In constant motion. Impact followed by free flight. Liberating, breathing deeply, flowing likeContinue reading “He Runs”