The mouth of a hot cave blows

hot air from its belly into the stark

Room. Ice breath roars at the picture

Window. Tears flow. Eyes mist as I

Nuzzle down the carpet with my elbows.

Singing. Singing my tune. With red felt pen into the paper room, I sing of the sky and of the moon and of daybreak glow as the fire-breathing gloom gets into my room.

Wet tears, cold glass, white snow, fire in my room. I am to be shot for being covered in snot and glue. Taken outside. Taken from my room.

Seasons come and seasons glow orange and blue. songs come and blow. I am not me in my room so I go below where people bellow only to be told go to your room

I do what I am told. And plan my revenge. And like a loon, I howl at the moon until I am caught red-handed punished banished to my room.

Then it is time to go to another’s tune and in flew a bird to my room. A singing robin redbreast I shall never forget that tune of sunlight and sunset and red fire crying shame and redemption before it flew away.

So now it is still the same with bellowing heat mushroom diet and dark light. With a red felt pen, I sing into the night heavenward along inside the river of light.

This Is Not Your Home

Said the labrador to the cat.

Said the cat in the hat.

said the hat to the mat.

Really I’m not hearing you right. This is my fucking home and screw you if you don’t know the difference asshole!

It’s like the Kama sutra.

Fucking bellhop.

The keys are in the door and the lock is engaged. Now excuse me, fuck off, I have got work to do.


In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room

listening to the gloom

It’s all so interesting

to me


OI’m going into town

to see what’s going down

In the store and on the street

Someone to see


OI’m not meeting anyone

this way seems so lame

Everyone seems so tame

In town.


OI’m not hungry for your

Thai but I’d share a coke

Bet your wonderin’ why

I’m single.


OI’m not in work anymore

I’m on long terms sick

On accounts of my head

not tick


OI’m not from round here

either. Come in closer

let me show you a map

of my home.


OI’m a steady sort of guy

I like DVD’s and Music too

Like Nerf Herder and



OI’m doing nothing now

Do you want to come home

with me and chill



That’d be cool