The End (lyrics)

Step off the track step onto the track
Should I keep things as before?

Hand bag is shouting orders down my ear
while ornaments smash silently onto the floor
Remote controls the battery replacing
And I’m moving again.
I’m moving again.
It’s that same feeling as before.

Step off the track step onto the track
For every dustbin lid that falls
there’s a hungry mouth indoors.

Storm in the silence
Wisdom is dying
Words are forsaken
minds they are breaking

Spaces seem closer
and eyeballs float higher
and the end is near.
(guitar solo)

Step off the track step onto the track
Step off the track step onto the track
Step off the track step onto the track
Step off the track step onto the track

Copyright Andrew Watkins 2017

The Lift

A new sound crashes down and I pause
What was it doing there after all?
I look for signs of who or what made it
But come away with nothing.
After all I only moved my eyes Punt Shield!.
OK! You can go now.
Rock will move your soul like water moves
Today cries will sound… (still there? Go away!)
It comes! has breast milk has work seven days a week. work has until Thursday 12:00am. Done!
When? When? Why?

Opera Poet God Bitch

Ohh Ariiaaaaaaaaaa. Diphthong graces gathered around golden tresses

Trailing red satin dresses all the way back from where you own.

Ohhhhhhhhh! It’s pleasing that your still breathing puppets Ohhhhhh! Isn’t it nice?

I haven’t got that doll. I haven’t got that doll. Please let me take it home!

I haven’t got any friends. I drove them all around the bend. Now I sing my opera to keep me clean.

of the flies and the rats that coincide, whenever I go outside. They coincide with  my company and do it ever so gracefully. They pray to me Their Opera Poet God Bitch.

And I bestow on them harmony not found in nature. cause I am their nature. I am their control.

Opera Poet God Bitch come to me every night every night

With your timing, with your smile and what have you, I want mine.


Do you hear my song. Fuck you I won’t Do what you tell me? Well, the pronunciation is correct.

Diphthong graces around your golden tresses and red satin dresses. I am all done with messes. I want my  order. Order in my court. Let’s begin again.

Oooh! Is that Ice cream? Do you want one? Do you? Would it make you complete? (Do you want to compete?)

Now I want to go home? Back to the place with the dome. St Pauls Cathedral. Home. Home. Home. Then to La Scala where someone will put guitar to my solo. Ohhhhhhhhhh!

Make it gritty, make it mean. Like a washing machine.

I am clean, green, mean, Like Dyson if they made Washing machines instead of Fans. Who needs those? When You have got my clothes.

Diphthong graces and red satin dresses all surrounded by golden tresses of the finest hair. Mine forever to keep while I weep in sorrow for what might have been.




Ariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (a wine glass shatters)


Back In The Schoolyard

I have pictures on my wall, nerdcore rock on the music player and there are schoolgirls outside my window. Where Am I?

You might be forgiven for your assumptions if they included such answers as school, skate park, racing track, or my bedroom.

I however, feel more comfortable with my nerdcore than with more traditional rock (you know what I mean). Why Am I telling  you? Well because there was only ever soft rock in my life at one point, then there was indie hard rock and I thought I had found the ‘sound’, then there was hard-hard rock, and again I thought I had found ‘the sound’; then along came art rock and black metal and the ‘Sound’ was found again only to be discarded later. And now after thirty years of rock in my life there is self-proclaimed nerdcore rock which I feel simultaneously happy and unhappy with. The serious me says ‘No Way Jose’ and sticks up two fingers while staring moodily at a Lez Zeppelin Lyrics and Chords Song book. The other more childish me relishes the pop references to cartoons , famous nerd movies and simple childlike humour rhyme and alliteration, cheesy sound effects and comic humour. The tunes are catchy and the beats upbeat. There is heavy guitar thumping bass and hi hat strong vocals and harmonies too! What’s not to like?

Here are some tunes to try. Do Re Mi So Fa La Ti Do

So Re Mi To Di Lo Fa La La La La!

Only kidding.

Fender Stratocaster! Yeah

Gibson Bass Yeah!

Yamaha Drumkit Ya!

Midi step keyboard! OK!

Music Maker 2016 Music Studio Software YES YES YES!


Cow HORNS dudes!