The End (lyrics)

Step off the track step onto the track Should I keep things as before? Hand bag is shouting orders down my ear while ornaments smash silently onto the floor Remote controls the battery replacing And I’m moving again. I’m moving again. It’s that same feeling as before. Oh. Step off the track step onto theContinue reading “The End (lyrics)”


Opera Poet God Bitch

Ohh Ariiaaaaaaaaaa. Diphthong graces gathered around golden tresses Trailing red satin dresses all the way back from where you own. Ohhhhhhhhh! It’s pleasing that your still breathing puppets Ohhhhhh! Isn’t it nice? I haven’t got that doll. I haven’t got that doll. Please let me take it home! I haven’t got any friends. I drove them allContinue reading “Opera Poet God Bitch”

Back In The Schoolyard

I have pictures on my wall, nerdcore rock on the music player and there are schoolgirls outside my window. Where Am I? You might be forgiven for your assumptions if they included such answers as school, skate park, racing track, or my bedroom. I however, feel more comfortable with my nerdcore than with more traditionalContinue reading “Back In The Schoolyard”

Songs worth Rememberin’ (intro)

Undone – The Sweater Song by Weezer Bittersweet Me – R.E.M. You Don’t Care About Us – Placebo Wrong – Todd Terry Remix by Everything But The Girl Slave To The Wage  -Placebo Bad Intentions And A bit Of Cruelty – The Wendy James Paul Revere – Beastie Boys Siva (Peel Sessions) Smashing Pumpkins OR SiameseContinue reading “Songs worth Rememberin’ (intro)”