David Dewar

David Dewar, I wish I knew yer I am sitting at home all alone in front of my computer Oh, David Dewar, I wish I knew yer. You could read my palms for me, then you could read me the psalms in correct order David Dewar, I wish I knew ya City are playing and myContinue reading “David Dewar”

Thanks to Tracey Thorn

Thanks to Tracey Thorn I rearranged my room And lots of other more embarrassing things I would like to forget about like I forgot to wear socks. is that actually embarrassing? I am not sure. I forgot to remember so many things! And I’m not embarassed anymore! Tracy Thorn is my ambassador! Ed: That’s enough freeContinue reading “Thanks to Tracey Thorn”


This is something I wrote this morning listening to Chuck Berry and feeling something familiar.—————————————————- Something is in the air I can sense it comin’ And I was sitting here peacefully doing nothin’ when I felt something hoverin’ over me like a bir’ and then I felt my hands tighten up on me and thenContinue reading “Mousetrap”