Invisible Shores

Where fishermen cast their nets in the hope of rich reward is a place not too far from our own shore called invisible shore. God denotes to the trained eye a change in depth or of saline density. But to our own, it’s difficult to tell that anything has changed at all. Currents swirling andContinue reading “Invisible Shores”

Little Known Words – (New to me anyway!) AMAZING!

Christology – the study of Christ Pneumatology – The study of the Holy Spirit Hamartiology- the study of sin Eschatology – the study of future things Theology – The word or logic of God Himself And lo, words did appear and they were illuminating! I have just opened this book on my Kindle and amContinue reading “Little Known Words – (New to me anyway!) AMAZING!”

God, Jesus and Everything.

To The people of the internet.You and God can have a relationship. Perhaps you are already in a relationship. Perhaps your relationship with God is polymorphic and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit occupy special places in your mind body and spirit depending on the situation you are in, what you are doing, as life dictatesContinue reading “God, Jesus and Everything.”