The Problem With Good Books

In case, you were wonderin’ this is not a blog on what Good books there are out there, rather a blog on what constitutes a good book. It’s a working title. The problem is that you can spend six pounds upwards on a book and it might turn out to be a real out ofContinue reading “The Problem With Good Books”

Junk Spam

Hi, ya folks, I read on someone’s blog today an apology for posting twice on the same day. If this is the rule then I would never have time to stop apologising would I? Hence today for Post Number One we have the title of Junk Spam. What is the post about? Well, I haven’tContinue reading “Junk Spam”

Take Stock And ?

For me, it’s simple. Take stock and write, the rest will take care of itself. Like now. I have no subject to write about except Maya Angelou (I think that’s her name) I have only read one or two poems by her on but I can see skill where it is and feel somethingContinue reading “Take Stock And ?”


‘So, Did you find the new play inspiring Jim?’ ‘No, I found it expiring rather than inspiring, I’m afraid’ ———————————————————————— I have found my inspiration I am looking under the ocean And I am finding a respite from the never ending light And the train that is approaching Seems to be encroaching on my skills like theContinue reading “Expiring”