Gold bitch everlasting peace   Words come down see itself and began to come again and again. Blow me Blow me back against the wall begging for relief. Come down slowly in my arms and swallow me whole. This snake is heading This snake is heading for its hole in the ground. Bring me backContinue reading “eXPERIMENtal Beat”

Shut-up Your Teenage Brain Tonight

I Like it low and Loud because that’s how I roll! Well, get up and smell the roses, today is a brand new day. Shut up and put on some poses lest you end up like I dunno. Something that will die in a ghetto. It’s time for the morning to have its time ignoredContinue reading “Shut-up Your Teenage Brain Tonight”

Bus Ticket To Compton

It’s ten O’clock at night and i’m feeling like a rock (inside) Got no munchies and i got no beer Got no honeys coming near Got a pile of books Got my evil looks Got a heart on my sleeve and a feelin’ inside And nobody ever crosses my lines Got a cat on aContinue reading “Bus Ticket To Compton”