Whoosh (air) Something came in, something left beats rhyme, cymbals moan, pipes groan, vocals rest their hands on your shoulders and take you for a dance. Casino sounds merge with memory to leave you skint with feeling Did you ever get carried away with thrash guitar and drums? In that state of suggestion, anything comes toContinue reading “Ash-ed”


Clever Titles Work (Sometimes)

Crisis, Neoliberal hegemony crushing intellectual freedoms in the new Bovver Boot. Should the student be worried?   When Piaget and penguin paperbacks were on every self-respecting fifteen-year-old student who had serious ambitions of attending and PARTICIPATING in university life When sociological discourse was not something derided. When Derrida was HEARD and it wasn’t all I’mContinue reading “Clever Titles Work (Sometimes)”


Stickers are all that’s left and they aren’t even real. I have turned inside out. Bits of me are all around me It’s an existential maze every day. But always my thoughts return to you.   Excremental /shitstorm /FUBAR Is this the life for me? Everyone watching me self-destructing (again) while I am in a hazeContinue reading “Perfect”